Our Restaurants


Takumi Ramen is committed to using only the finest Japanese ingredients to create the perfect Sapporo ramen.

TAKUMI 2nd Tonkotsu

Tonkotsu Ramen, popular in Japan, is also available in Germany. Specializing in tonkotsu ramen and bite-sized gyoza

TAKUMI 3rd Chicken & Veggie

We offer veggie soup ramen using a special broth made from Rausu kelp and aromatic vegetables from Hokkaido.

TAKUMI 4th Loretto

TAKUMI 4th offers chicken-based ramen, vegan ramen, and the only yakisoba in the group.


The only restaurant specializing in tantanmen under the TAKUMI brand. We always have 16 kinds of ramen available.


This izakaya-style restaurant boasts charcoal-grilled dishes that give customers the “feeling of being in Japan.

Tonkatsu Gonta

This restaurant specializes in tonkatsu and offers the same quality of tonkatsu that you would find at a Japanese tonkatsu restaurant.

Yakiniku Ah Un

From Japanese wagyu beef to rare Japanese sake, we offer everything you need to enjoy Japanese-style yakiniku.

Yaki The Emon

Teppanyaki Izakaya is a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic teppanyaki cuisine to your heart’s content, just as you would in Japan.


From our special thick chicken soup to fried chicken, chicken cutlet, and chicken nanban. You can enjoy Japanese chicken dishes at this restaurant.


“Hokkaido’s Table in Dusseldorf” is the theme of this restaurant. is the theme of this restaurant, where you can enjoy Hokkaido’s local cuisine in a casual atmosphere.